Where It All Started: The Web People Who Inspired Me


Everyone has to start somewhere, and my start with web content fascination began many years ago, long before social media even existed in it’s fully functional form and before the term “blog” entered our everyday vernacular. The pioneers of online humor and thought leading served as inspiration for me and I’m sure countless others to pursue similar online notoriety by way of endless posting and studying of the culture. Here are a few of my favorite online inspirations

1. Maddox. Curator of the humor museum located at The Best Page In The Universe, Maddox has spent nearly two decades writing insanely witty, sharp commentary about the state of culture around him and has amassed an intensely loyal following. I began reading his work at the tender age of 13 and never looked back. I tried and failed multiple times to write content similar to his on my freely hosted geocities webpage, to no avail; Maddox was and is something special, and all who post dark humor online today owe their success at least in part to his legacy.

2. Tucker Max. Recanting true stories that no prepubescent teen should ever read (while most likely do), Tucker Max had the market cornered on larger than life tales of bravado and sexual deviancy. I distinctly remember spending numerous nights regaling my friends aloud with his tales and being met with howls of suffocating laughter. His work has you constantly shaking your head exclaiming “there’s no way that actually happened,” when he can and will prove to you that it most certainly did.

3. Robert Hamburger of “Real Ultimate Power”. This mystery poster never did reveal his true identity, but we do know he was a total badass who inspired many with his absolutely ridiculous style of storytelling. One of the first to push the comedic boundaries into the realms of absurdism simply for the sake of absurdity, He was unafraid to take his posts in any which direction at the drop of a dime.

These are just a few examples of early online content creators who inspired me and certainly millions more just like me. Who inspires you? Let me know in the comments below.


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