Using Vine To Swing Traffic Towards Your Business


The verdict is out: Vine is far and away the hottest new social media platform. The six second video sharing app has raised its own crop of “Vine-famous” celebrities in less than six months from its inception and millions of users are spending hour after hour watching and sharing these explosive little comedy bombs. Businesses have taken quick notice to these viral sensations and have wasted no time in capitalizing on these celebs and using this creative new medium to advertise their products. Your company, big or small, could benefit hugely from solid Vine content. My suggestion would be to first spend a few weeks on Vine and get a feel for the type of content that is most shared there, or “re-vined.” Gain an understanding of the type of rapid-fire comedy and surprise/shock factor that thrives there. Then, with a creative team and some solid brainstorming sessions, come up with some ways you can fit your product into the type of message fit for Vine. This will likely be the hardest step, and if you can successfully pull it off your content will be golden; users won’t even see it as an advertisement, but as a valid contribution to the canon. Finally, post your content and begin interacting with people who you believe will find your product beneficial, and watch as the followers roll in. Another recent tactic involves posting in the comment sections of popular Vines promoting your account, but beware; users could find this type of guerrilla advertising an annoyance, so proceed with caution. Hopefully with these simple steps and a few good ideas you can generate buzz for your business through this exciting platform.


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