Drafting Blog Posts That Draw Crowds


Writing blog posts oftentimes can feel like you’re one of those guys on the stock market floor, shouting at the top of your lungs, trying to be heard over everyone else’s screams. What sets you apart? What makes you different? If you learn how to set yourself apart, write content worth reading, and market yourself properly, you don’t have to raise your voice and shout over the proverbial masses on the trading floor because you’ll be in a completely different building. How is this done? There are a few simple ways to accomplish this.

Find your niche. Write about a single topic that you’re passionate about, and stick with it. No one wants to hear the ramblings of some internet nobody about any random topic that enters their head, unless of course those ramblings are hysterical, and you’ll likely be more successful on twitter than a long-form blog.

Update frequently. Equally as important as writing good content is writing good content consistently. People follow blogs that stay fresh in their mind and when they know they can count on new content to be there any given week that they visit. People forget about blogs when the updates are rolling in once every few months.

Use humor. It is a well documented fact that the most commonly shared type of content on the internet is humorous content, followed closely behind content that shocks or amazes. Since you’ll likely not be shocking or amazing anyone with your regular blog posts, humor is your best weapon in getting your posts shared and ultimately read.

Use these tips to draw crowds to your posts, and save your vocal chords.


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