Mothers: Step Away From The Keyboard, Put Down The Camera Phone, And Raise Your Child


Mom if you get me a phone I can tweet at you to get your attention.

It’s no secret that smartphones and social media are addictive, and that addictive behavior, if left unchecked, will run rampant across all of your online platforms. The case of mothers and their children is no exception. I am not a parent, so I can’t speak from experience, but in analyzing the online behavior of parents, I can only assume that this series of events takes place:

1. You (or your wife) give(s) birth to a child. Glorious day.

2. You love that child very much. Why wouldn’t you?

3. You begin to assume that everyone you know is as equally obsessed with your child as you are. This is where things start to deviate…

4. You begin posting every photo ever taken of your child, every facial expression from every angle, to all of your online profiles.

5. All of your friends start to block you.

If you can believe it, there was a time when people still loved their friends babies without having to see a photo of them every 6 hours. There was a time when parents didn’t feel the compulsion to take a photo of everything their child did, and even if they wanted to they couldn’t because they likely didn’t have a camera on them every moment of every day. Back in this magical time parents usually just talked to their kids, told them things about how the world works and spent time just being there with them, not documenting their entire adolescence to appease a non-existent virtual crowd. There is even some evidence to suggest that a recent incline in accidents and injuries in children ages 5 and under is the result of parents who are not closely watching their children in hazardous situations because they’re preoccupied with their phones.

Mothers. Parents Everywhere. It’s time to put down the phone. It’s time to pick your favorite photo of your baby out of the 85 you took and just uploading that one. For the sake of your online presence, but more importantly, for the sake of the children you’re ignoring in your efforts to keep up your frequency of posts which is likely already way too high.


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