Introduce Your Corporate Twitter To The Future Of Customer Relations


In today’s world of constantly-changing technology and communication platforms, applying an archaic marketing strategy for your business in an attempt to reach customers is done at a business’s own peril. While there certainly are marketing principles that remain as true today as they ever have, the medium through which we apply these golden principles has changed drastically, and the rules of engagement are being rewritten every single day.

Take twitter for example; twitter is relatively new and has easily become one of the top social media platforms in existence. Millions of tweets are published every second, and to a marketer, that means there is a huge potential to reach consumers on a platform they’re obviously spending large amounts of time on. But the question remains: how do you engage people on twitter? What kind of content are people looking for?

When it comes to content in general, the two main types that get shared more than any other is humorous content and interesting content. Anything that consumers can laugh at will usually generate retweets, but also interesting facts, beautiful photographs, or things that broaden minds is also likely to get spread around. As a business, your challenge is to come up with content like this that relates to your niche. Better get a creative team together and start drafting tweets!

Most importantly though, consumers today want to see a bit of human element in corporate twitter accounts. When twitter sees Burger King tweeting at Wendy’s as if they’re two high school rivals, that generates buzz. When someone tweets about Taco Bell and the official Taco Bell twitter account responds to them, that creates loyalty and a positive experience because they feel that their voice was heard. If you can capture the human voice in your corporate tweets, you are much more likely to gain a following, get people on twitter talking about your company, and ultimately sell more product.


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