Hashtags: The Russian Roulette Of Social Media


Never wear this necklace.

If there was ever a social media tool that was decisive to the point of instantly gaining or losing you followers, it’s hashtags. They can make or break your online presence; a good hashtag is a welcome addition to an appropriate post, while a bad hashtag is a visual monstrosity that breaks phone screens and people’s hearts. Here’s an example of what I mean:

“I can’t believe Hayward made that clutch 3 point shot. What a game. #UTAatDEN”

This is an example of a tweet with a good hashtag. The tweet is in reference to Gordon Hayward, a basketball player for the Utah Jazz, making a shot against the Denver Nuggets at their stadium. The hashtag is an official one that is tweeted out by the official Jazz twitter account, encouraging people to use it to discuss the game. The tweet adds to the conversation and helps people to follow the game in real time who might not be able to watch it on television.

“Time to hit the gym! #gettingthatsummerbodygrindon #whyaretherenoparkingspacesatthegym? #needtoworkonthatdiettho”

What is this. What just happened. One minute I’m just reading tweets, next thing you know I’m diving into an ancient Klingon text filled with pound signs. Who has the time to decipher these writings? Who wants to stare at a single tweet for 10 minutes trying to break up all the spots where spaces belong in that trail-of-tears-length hashtag? Those are all statements that can stand alone as tweets in and of themselves. If a hashtag can do that, then it has no right being a hashtag.

Keep your hashtags short, sweet, and to the point. Make sure they drive conversation and add your voice to a relevant topic. Basically, just use them the way they were meant to be used. You’ll get a lot more out of your hashtags this way.


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