How To Run An Effective Facebook Contest


There may be no more effective way to grow a Facebook page for any type of business than a contest; a simple Facebook contest can garner you huge amounts of new followers or fans which will ultimately lead to brand recognition and sales, saving you time and money that you might’ve spent on other more tedious marketing strategies. For small businesses especially, this kind of growth is achieved in perhaps no other way. The mechanics of Facebook contests are quite simple, and the creativity knows no bounds. Here are a few things to remember when putting together your Facebook contest.

1. Make the call to action interesting. Without making entry into the contest insanely difficult, having a contest that engages consumers and taps into their own wells of creativity is extremely valuable. Anyone can submit their email and get randomly chosen to win a contest, and due to the fact that those contests are so boring, many people often skip over them. Had the contest called for them to create something they might have participated.

2. Don’t run the contest for too long. People get burnt out on contests that drag on for too long. Generate urgency by opening up the contest with a bang and ending it not long after.

3. Make the prize desirable. With contests, you get out of them what you put into them. If your prize is a free song on iTunes, expect to get about $2 worth of buzz and interaction. On the other hand, if you’re giving away an iPad or a gift card for your business with hundreds of dollars loaded onto it, you have piqued the attention of many more potential participants who would’ve yawned at a lesser prize.

4. Promote your contest exclusively throughout its duration. A contest is worthless if no one knows about it, and no one will know about it unless you keep reminding people day after day that a contest is running and that their window of opportunity to win the coveted prize is slowly closing! Tweet out links to the contest page and post status updates reminding people how much time is left, or how many awesome entries you’ve received thus far.

5. Respond quickly. When a winner is chosen, announce it immediately and get their prize to them as soon as possible. There is no worse publicity than a contest winner ranting via Facebook about how x company has yet to send them their prize and how the “whole contest was bogus,” etc etc. Negative attention like this can undo all that the contest set out to accomplish. Be swift, and be vocal. Post pictures of the winner holding their prize, and thank everyone for participating.

Following these simple guidelines, you can start your contest today and get your Facebook page the growth you’ve been looking for.


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