From Time Drain To Money Maker: How Social Media Can Jumpstart A Career


Consider how many hours you spend on social media per day. One? Two? Five or more? If you’re anything like me, it seems like there isn’t an hour that goes by where you haven’t at least looked at a screen to check if anyone is interacting with you. A lot of your time and energy is spent on consuming and oftentimes producing content that’s published on the internet, and for what? Entertainment? Perhaps that’s the end goal for some people. But for those of you who know that you can produce content that’s worth sharing, social media can begin to take on a new degree of importance in your life; it can become the basis of a rewarding and fast-growing career.


More hours of video are watched on Youtube than they are on any channel of television. More words are read and more links are shared on Facebook and Twitter than any news outlet or blog in the world, one hundred times over. Society has turned to the internet as its main source of, well, everything, and that’s why marketing is headed that way as well. If a company wants to reach its consumers, it absolutely must have an online presence. That’s where you come in.


As a person who has spent innumerable hours familiarizing yourself with and ultimately knowing social media inside and out, you are qualified to tell a business what things are popular now, what trends are dying, what kind of content get shared, what kind doesn’t. This information is invaluable to companies because most of the older generation in charge of them haven’t spent nearly the amount of time online as you have, and therefore look to you to make the call. In the past few years, new job titles such as “social media director” and “online content specialist” have been cropping up in companies big and small, and they are being offered to people like you and me, millennials who simply know social media (I currently hold the title of social media director for a local restaurant). This can be a springboard that leads into a career in marketing, advertising, creative strategy/direction, and brand management. The time to waste away on your social media platforms has long since past; the time to capitalize on expertise you didn’t even realize you have is now.


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