A Culture Of “Haters”: Keyboard Calumniators And How To Deal With Them


You’ve all dealt with them before. You post content that you think is thought-provoking and interesting, and only minutes after it’s published that one person and they decide that it’s their duty to make your post, and subsequently your life, a living hell. They’re keyboard bullies, internet punks, trolls, or at the very root of it, “haters” on you and what you’re trying to say. They may not even personally disagree with the point you’re trying to make, but no matter what, they take pleasure in playing the devil’s advocate and making outrageous claims and supporting illogical arguments just to make your blood boil. Below I’ve outlined a few tips on how to make sure they don’t get you too riled up and get you publicly saying things you regret.


Ignore them. You know they’re there just to make you mad. By getting mad, you’re doing exactly what it is that they want you to do, and by doing so, they win. You’re playing into the game that they’ve set up and you were destined to fail from the start. By ignoring them, you can continue on having intelligent discussion with the other members of the conversation and everyone else will follow your lead and ignore the worthless comments the troll is making.


Fight fire with fire. A hater is going to just post hate on your post or ridiculous nonsense so as to rile you up, so don’t let him by responding with some nonsense of your own. For instance, say you’re discussing Mitt Romney’s merits as a presidential candidate and someone jumps in your thread and starts ranting off about Mitt’s “cooky Mormon religion” and his “ crazy beliefs.” You know that the troll is simply trying to discredit Romney by smearing his name in the mud with a bunch of biased nonsense, so use that nonsense to your advantage. Respond by saying how awesome his religion might be for a president because then maybe he could use seer stones to know what’s gonna happen in the global economy or how it would be helpful to have God on our side when we invade other countries. Because you’re not trying to defend your position with actual facts and are instead using humor, he’ll have nothing to feed on therefore lose steam.


Block them. If your hater just gets too out of control and begins using foul language or making personal attacks against your character, it might be best to simply block them. Blocking someone on Facebook is a breeze and if they can’t seem to handle a logical discourse between mature adults then maybe your friends group isn’t a place where they belong.


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