5 Celebrities Who Could Really Use A Social Media Lifejacket


1. Miley Cyrus

Her best Golem impression.

One of the hottest things in pop culture news right now, and for all the wrong reasons, Miley Cyrus just can’t seem to catch a break lately. It doesn’t help that she’s constantly shooting/uploading the most risque music videos produced possibly ever, along with tabloids reporting on foul comments she’s made towards fans and haters alike. Recently on Twitter she responded to a troll saying he had a “pedo stache” and instantly garnered him thousands of tweets hating on him from her fans, as well as many supporting him in his hatred of Miley.

2. Justin Bieber

It gets bright in those arenas.

Lovable child star turned teenaged douchebag, Justin Bieber continues to make headlines with his less than charming antics with fans and paparazzi, which almost always end up back on his twitter timeline in the form of apologies. When he was filmed almost engaging in a fist fight with a paparazzi outside a building in London, he turned to twitter later that day mentioning that “it’s hard when people are saying mean things” and that “he’s sorry” for his outburst. Hate to break it to you Justin, but you chose the life of 24 hour spotlight, and being a megastar doesn’t give you permission to spit on people or punch them in the face.

3. Kanye West

It’s tough to stand up straight when you’re weighed down by chains.

Yeezy is well known as one of the most universally inept people when it comes to saying/doing things that won’t offend people or biting his tongue for the sake of his image. He constantly has his foot in his mouth, and with social media this is no exception. He recently went on a tweet rampage in response to apparently nothing or no one, and most of his ramblings made little sense. His tweets exceeded 80 in number over the span of just a few hours, and he talked about being unstoppable, “picking up where Steve Jobs left off,” and various George Bernard Shaw quotes.

4. Charlie Sheen

Not “epically winning” anything except maybe an Elton John hat wearing contest.

Charlie Sheen recently had his big moment under the sun as he clung to relevancy by way of insane (and likely inebriated) antics. His twitter recently resembled his infamous Good Morning America interview with tweets that included pump-up speeches for himself and other ramblings, along with hashtags like “#winning” and “#tigersblood.” These went on to trend worldwide on twitter for months on end.

5. Amanda Bynes

Nickelodeon did a number on this one.

When it comes to Social Media Lifejacketry, there is no one who is drowning faster than Amanda Bynes. From squeaky clean girl next door to drugged out psychopath in a matter of weeks, Amanda’s former image has been completely shattered and nothing but mockery lay in its wake. She has taken to twitter to express such feelings as wanting a relationship with rapper Drake (only to then turn around and tweet that he’s ugly), that she plans on suing every magazine that has speculated about her likely drug abuse, and has altered her physical appearance almost beyond recognition. Here’s to hoping she gets the help she so clearly needs and staying out of the public eye for good.


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