10 Commandments For Uploading Facebook Photos


1. Thou shalt not upload every single picture taken on a photo-filled evening or from a photo shoot. Choose the best one, maybe two, then upload it.


2. Thou shalt check your surroundings before uploading a photo to ensure nothing incriminating or embarrassing is in the background


3. Thou shalt not upload photos of yourself or friends that could get you or them fired.


4. Thou shalt not destroy your photo with ridiculous filters


5. Thou shalt  refrain from stylizing your captions LiKe ThIs

6. Thou shalt not post a photo that you wouldn’t show your mother, especially if your mother is friends with you on Facebook

party foul

7. Thou shalt not turn up the brightness and contrast in an attempt to hide blemishes and imperfections

high contrast

8. Thou shalt not alter a photo in an attempt to exaggerate your… “assets”


9. Thou shalt exercise restraint when uploading photos of your baby


10. Thou shalt not upload photos of models and claim them to be photos of you



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