The Smartphone: An Indispensable Piece Of Tech You Can’t Live Without


This almost seems unnecessary. But, then I see kids walking around with Nokia bricks texting with T9 and playing Snake and I realize that this information, unfortunately even in 2013, is still necessary. If you’re here learning about how to more effectively utilize social media then there’s a chance you’ll also need to learn about the tool that will help you to do just that. A smartphone is the key to the city, and the city is actually the entire world. The ability to post, respond, and create content on a computer in your pocket anytime anywhere is absolutely essential to maintaining a respectable web presence. They basically pour smartphones out into the streets these days so lack of funds is no excuse; get the phone and get your head in the game. Question now is, which one?


The iPhone in my completely unbiased opinion (I own every iDevice made…) is a pinnacle of human technological achievement. What it lacks in open format and customization it makes up for in absolute flawless user interfaces and clean-as-a-whistle overall design. The device fits snug in your palm and reaching sections of your screen with only your thumb is accomplished with ease. On top of all of that, the Apple App Store is usually the first to receive the freshest apps hot off the press and other phones have to wait for their coding of the app to become available. If you want to do social media and you want to do it before everyone else, get an iPhone.


Customization, customization, customization. If you want a phone that will pretty much do whatever the hell you want it to do, look no further than an Android smartphone. Having been introduced into the smartphone market with an Android, I am here to tell you that these big phones pack an even bigger punch as far as user freedom is concerned. Additionally, Samsung phones in the last few years have truly entered the realms of science fiction with regards to the pure technology that comes standard with their phones; videos that automatically pause when your eyes stop looking at the screen! What?! It won’t be long before these phones can read my mind. If you’re a little more tech savvy and user friendliness isn’t a huge selling point for you, consider an Android device.


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