How To Run A Pinterest Account And Maintain Your Manhood


Alright men, listen up. This is uncharted territory and I know that even reading about it could affect your reputation among friends and family. Look behind you and make sure no one is reading over your shoulder. Lock your door. Build a blanket fort if you have to. In this post I’ll be divulging a few tips that will allow you, as a man, to successfully own and operate a Pinterest account whilst maintaining your manhood.

1. The Hot Chick Board

Sure, you can sugarcoat it. You can call the board whatever you like. “Qualities In A Woman.” or “Future Wife Checklist,” they all mean the same thing: you have a board full of pictures of hot women on your Pinterest account. Women upload strikingly beautiful photos of strikingly beautiful women for reasons such as inspiration or goal-setting. Us men then take those images and add them to our hot chick board so one day when we’re bored at work we can scroll through from top to bottom and just say “…nice.”

2. The Manly Hobby Board

Cars. Extreme sports. Architecture. Regardless of your hobby or interest, people have taken beautiful photos of it. They’ve also written amazing articles about it and Pinterest is the ultimate place to find and share both.

3. The Food Board

Yes, women like to the think they have the market cornered on Pinterest food boards, but there is plenty of room for men to, well… man the place up. While they’re busy repinning recipes to make ladybug cupcakes with googly eyes on them, you can get to work posting barbecuing techniques, how to make jerky out of deer, and how to catch a fish and subsequently pan sear it into an testosterone toughening mastication showdown.

And there you have it. Tear down the blanket fort and switch your browser back to something like ESPN replays. You can now leave this page with the knowledge of how to penetrate and ultimately operate inside the castle that was, up until now, woman owned and operated. And besides, you and I both know you were curious…


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