Companies Who Are Doing Things Right


Social media has become overrun with companies all developing “social apps” hoping to be the next big thing and cash out on the obsessive personalities of all those who are, in fact, always looking for the next best thing. To do a review of all of them would be impossible because as soon as I’m done writing one, another budget app is released into the marketplace to die only a few weeks later. Remember Tinder? Here are examples of a few companies who are doing their apps the right way


Tweetbot is a Twitter client that goes above and beyond for your convenience and ease of use. The app is filled to the brim with customization options; the ability to choose what screens are available along the home screen, the option to select what triple-tapping a tweet does within the app, and many others. On top of that, it allows you to separate your feed into distinct lists that can then be selected as your main timeline. No other Twitter client goes so far and does so much to make your experience flawless.


The latest social media explosion is found in Vine, a 6 second video client that has unlimited potential. The ability to film from different angles allows creativity to run rampant and the list of people who have now become “Vine famous” as a result of their creations is not short. For personal use or for business, the window to take advantage of this new platform before it becomes diluted and played out is still open and I highly suggest you jump through it.


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