4 Tips For Businesses To Strengthen Their Tweets


Twitter is one of the most effective platforms for businesses to truly connect with their consumers. Personalized messages can be sent to and fro from company representatives to customers with products in their hands. Here are a few ideas to help your business increase brand awareness and profitability.

1. Inject Humor Into Your Tweets. Catch your reader’s eye with a reason to keep reading with witty commentary. The most popular tweets, excepting the dismal content produced by celebrities, are those with a clever spark. They are more retweetable and therefore more effective in getting your name out there.

2. Links Links Links. Tweets can only say so much, and that 140 character limit can be crippling to vital information your consumer needs. Draw them in with a killer tweet then link them to even better content that can really sell your product. As a cherry on top, research shows that tweets with links are retweeted twice as often as regular tweets.

3. When People Tweet About You, ANSWER THEM. As mentioned earlier, Twitter as a platform is unique in that it allows businesses and consumers to talk to each other on an equal playing field. An initially negative consumer experience can turn into a positive one through a carefully crafted apology and an olive branch.

4. Tweet Often. The average lifespan of a tweet is 15 seconds. You have a 15 second window in which your followers will get to see your tweet, and in turn buy what you’re selling. Make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to gain a new customer by consistently publishing content highlighting your best products, blog posts, etc.


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