Why Social Media? A Passion For Connection


For as long as I can remember, I have always had a desire to learn about the lives, beliefs, and opinions of other people. I want to know what makes people happy and what drives them to action. Along with my love for people has developed a passion for communicating with them, particularly through the written word. With the advent of social media came an unprecedented ease of connectivity along with the availability of a vocal platform. We live in a time where anyone, not just politicians or movie stars, but anyone can be heard. All they need is a little determination and something worth listening to.

But why me? Why should you listen to what I have to say when it comes to your social media?

I spend as much time with social media as Tiger Woods spends on a golf course. I have initiated hundreds of online discussions with massive responses, garnered followings with respectable ratios on nearly all social media platforms and have spent countless hours discussing the topic with users of all demographics. I have been in limbo through the years of my social media career; I’m not in high school, which makes me ineligible for the thousands of easy “classmate” followers that I would’ve accrued had social media been invented just a few years earlier, and I’m not yet working full time in the industry and writing for big names that can (and often do) jumpstart personal followings. I have built influence and dialogue through simple word of mouth and a keen sense for what makes content “follow-worthy.” What I lack in degrees or digital marketing workplace experience, I make up for in the literal hundreds upon hundreds of man hours reading, studying, analyzing, and living social media.

If you notice that some of your social media habits fit the description of the crimes I document here on this site, your initial reaction might be to label my thoughts as irrelevant, convince yourself that I am nothing but a “hater,” and that you have the freedom to do and say what you please on your social media platforms.

You do this, dear reader, at your own peril.

There are unwritten rules in all disciplines of life, and social media is no exception. I have developed an understanding of these rules through a combination of simple intuition (I thought they were as self evident to everyone else as they were to me; how wrong I was) and through extended use of the various platforms. My job here is to pass along the pearls of wisdom that I’ve gained on to you so you don’t have to spend the insane amount of time I did to obtain them.

Protect your personal brand. Study the Social Media Lifejacket. Post quality content. Grow your following.


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